The Great War Shorts
The Great War Shorts

The Great War Shorts

Every week from 11th of November

Jean Paul de Vries of the Romagne museum 14-18 has made a number of short films about events from the First World War and one is published every week.

Museum Romagne: new directions

Dear Friends and donors
On Nov. 12, Museum Romagne will close its doors, to reopen on April 1, 2023. By then, much will have changed. Before the end of this year, we will let you know what specific new plans Jean-Paul has in mind.
In short: Museum Romagne is going to change its course. There will be a shift from a museum to an educational center, which will serve as the base of a large number of activities. The message of peace, which Jean-Paul has been conveying to his visitors for years, inside and outside the museum, will become even more central. The heartbreaking developments in Ukraine underline all the more how urgent this message is. Museum Romagne wants to play a driving role in the propagation of the message of peace and inspire all future visitors and participants in the activities to further spread this message. Jean-Paul has decided to maintain the name of his beloved museum but to add a new description:
Romagne 14-18. War for Peace. Center for Education, Art and Culture.
You will also come across this description in the new series of short films Jean-Paul has made with Bert Penraat, Erik Louw and Bob Latten. Starting this November 11, Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, a new episode will be posted on Museum Romange’s Youtube channel every Friday for 11 weeks. Today we present you the first episode about Main de Massiges. Dutch spoken with English subtitles.